Aug 3, 2021

RE:  21-22 School Year 

We are looking forward to starting another school year.  We have received some questions about COVID policies.  Here is the guidance we have received from Federal and State authorities. 

  1.  Masks – Masks are a personal choice.  I’m assuming there will be some that will wear masks and some that won’t.   Federal and State health professionals highly recommend those not vaccinated wear a mask when indoors and some guidance is now saying you may want to wear a mask if you have been vaccinated.  We feel this is your personal choice.  Federal mandates require everyone to wear a mask on public transportation.  We have been notified that school busses are considered public transportation so anyone riding a school bus must wear a mask and can remove it once they disembark.    This is a federal mandate in which we have no control.  

  2. Quarantine – Quarantine will be the same as last year for those diagnosed with COVID.  If you have a diagnosed case of COVID you must quarantine 10 days from the first date of SYMPTOMS.  There is no requirement to quarantine if you have been exposed to COVID. 

  3. Online classes – Centerburg will NOT offer online learning this year.  Online learning takes away from all students due to the extra workload.  If you feel you do not want your child to attend in person classes there are many online schools in Ohio that can offer you this option.  If you are enrolled in an approved Ohio charter school AND live in the district, you are eligible for extracurricular participation.  

  4. Vaccines - Vaccines are your personal choice.  Vaccines are available for anyone over the age of 12 at Knox County Public Health located at 11660 Upper Gilchrist Rd, Mt Vernon.   You can contact them at (740) 392-2200.  Centerburg School district does not have any records nor requests any records of those vaccinated.  Any questions concerning vaccines or other health related issues should be directed to your family health physician or Knox Public Health. 

Unfortunately, I expect this guidance to continually change over the next few weeks.   We will do our best to ensure we communicate any changes to recommendations or mandates.   

Mike Hebenthal, Superintendent