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Alumni Award

The Centerburg Alumni Hall of Fame is an outstanding honor and is based on the individuals post high school passions and achievements.  Being named to the Centerburg Alumni Hall of Fame is based on nominations and judged by a committee consisting of community, administration, and board members. 

Centerburg Trojan Alumni Award is only open to Centerburg High School Graduates and is based on the individual's educational background, professional achievements, philanthropy, heroism, leadership, humanitarian service, community service or arts. 

A long time community member that is not an alumni can be nominated as a Honorary Trojan Alumni.  This award is presented to an individual that is not a Centerburg graduate, but has made a continual significant impact to Centerburg School, Centerburg School Students or the Centerburg Community.

Nominations must be received by September 1st to be considered for the award given in May of that school year.  Nominations will remain active once they are submitted and will be considered each year after for that year's award.

If you have someone to nominate click on the link below.

Centerburg School Distinguished Alumni Awards Form