Sunday, October 04, 2015


When there is a school delay or closing it will be announced here.

The music trip to New Jersey will leave Saturday morning and return Tuesday.  Unfortunately there is a hurricane presently in the Caribbean with a predicted track up the U.S. east coast.  Hurricane tracks are unpredictable so there is no way at this time to determine where the hurricane will track or how long it will take to arrive in any given area.  As the storm moves north the track pattern widens to cover over 1000 miles in distance.  It is possible this storm will affect the trip and it is also possible that it will move 100’s of miles offshore or dissipate and have no effect on the trip.    The predicted timeline puts the storm near the area the students will be midmorning on Tuesday.  By that time they will be heading home.  As the forecast becomes more reliable through the weekend we will make decisions if the trip should continue or if the students should be brought home early.  We will continue to update families through the schools webpage and update the students frequently so they can communicate with their families.   If you are a parent of a student going on the trip and do not feel comfortable with your child going feel free to make that decision.  Due to contractual issues we cannot reimburse the cost of the trip.