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On Friday afternoon staff at the elementary detected what was thought to be a bedbug on a student.  The required protocol was implemented which included notification of the family and contact with the district pest control contractor.  The pest contractor confirmed Friday evening that the specimen was a bedbug and completed the required extermination process.   The student involved does not ride a bus and does not have siblings in the 6-12 building.  Because of the finding of a bedbug in the fall, monitors had been placed throughout the district and were checked regularly by a professional pest management company.  There were no specimens in any monitors which confirms that the issue was caught quickly with no widespread contamination.   Follow up treatments will be completed every two weeks for the next month.  The family of the involved student was notified and are working to solve the issue.  For further information please reference http://centralohiobedbugs.org/guidance-for-professionals/school/bed-bugs-what-schools-need-to-know/

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